Reinventing the Ice Pop!

We come from a generation of Italian Ice Cream makers (the Tambini & Conti families to be exact). Infact, our Great Grandfather actually sold Ice Cream from a horse drawn cart back in the day! A love of frozen desserts certainly runs through our genes… as a result we decided to reinvent what many perceive as artificially flavoured sticks of ice (ice pops!) and turn them into a tastier, more natural and healthier alternative!


It took us months of recipe testing in our home kitchen using real fruits and a whole lotta love…and just like that, Pola's Sorbet & Gelato Poles were born. Insanely refreshing, super tasty and 100% natural, they were a big hit with family & friends!

We bought an old ice cream cart off eBay, renovated it and began pushing it around the city centre of Nottingham, selling Poles to passers-by. Straight away, customers loved our flavour combinations and the fact we used local fruits & botanicals as ingredients.



Fast forward to now. We are still a tiny business but hope to continue growing and handmaking you our Poles for the foreseeable future. Who else is going to keep you refreshed all Summer?!



Thanks for supporting us!

Chief Pop Maker at Pola